TL-SP temperature logger with software module for determination of "Gel Time" and "Peak Exothermic Temperature" of reacting thermosetting resins in conformance with ASTM D 2471. Used for quality control of incoming resin and for adjusting resin mix during fiberglass (FRP, GRP and GRE) pipe production.

TL-SP Features include:

  • Dual channels thermometer allows simultaneous testing of two specimens.
  • Built-in logging capabilities allow testing to be conducted on production floor.
  • Each event (such as Gel) may be saved separately as a data point by the operator.
  • Curves and data points can be downloaded to PC. Operator selects Start and End of test. Gel point may be selected directly on the curve, or from saved data points.
  • Software allows up to 3 specimens be tested from the same sample. Printed reports include test results and curves from all specimens for a given sample.
  • Test definition can include several pre-programmed triggers. User may choose to monitor up to 7 temperature levels. Software automatically scans and records the time and temperature when the trigger occurs.
  • User may also select to monitor the duration between any two triggers. This allows greater flexibility in setting the factors for the B/A formula
  • User may customize printed reports at will using "Report Templates".